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VA Claims Processing 

for ALL Veterans

"Creating a Positive Lifestyle for Veterans"

125,000 +

Veterans Served


In recoupment of Veteran related benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Accredited Service Officers

Providing claims assistance to over 30 States - Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

Message From Our Leader

National Command Council Chair, Richard D. Kingsberry, LtCol. USA, Retired

Legacy Training & Development Academy 

Resource Officer - Veterans Service Officer - National Service Officer

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Lifetime partnership, building a legacy with shared purpose 

Faith - Family - Education  & Services 

Recognizing the value of teamwork, courage and sacrifice, assists in continued development and community equity 

#Find Your Pathway

Learn how to create a positive lifestyle for Veterans 


National Service Officer


Veterans Service Officer


Resource Officer

#Virtually Blended On-line Discovery Campus

A Campus Without Precedent

Since inception,  NABVETS Inc., has provided direct services to over 80,000 veterans resulting in “Creating a Positive Lifestyle for Veterans,” which is our mission.

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Past - Present - Future of NABVET 

Blended virtual academy of applied discipline, effort and passion

#Find Your Pathway

What Veteran Students Say

When professionalism aligns with purposed learning. The crossroads of knowledge and action, "bridges the gap" for Upwardbound directional learning. 



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25 Jun 13:00 - 15:00

Helping to change the world-better

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25 Jun 13:00 - 15:00

Expand and develop a chapter  plan seminar

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25 Jun 13:00 - 15:00

Transforming activities for the future

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Donation are a vital part of our efforts to support Veterans and the communities in which they live. We invite you to support our efforts.  



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Joining and becoming a NABVETS lifetime member provides a shared purpose and a continuation of the fulfilment of pride in the organization.